Relax and Unwind Spa Party
We begin with a relaxing aromatic foot soak. As you relax from toe to head I will take you on an
aromatic journey to introduce you to living an aromatic life.
Our journey is followed by a foot salt or sugar scrub with the aromatherapy blend of your choice.
We finish off with a foot massage using your blend of choice.
You will leave feeling relaxed, renewed and balanced and will take home samples of products we used during the party.

Product Party
We begin by going on an aromatic journey to introduce you to living an aromatic life.
You will -receive valuable information and tips for using essential oils effectively and safely.
We will end the party with a hand sugar scrub using the blend of your choice.
~ Product available for purchase ~

Custom Blending Classes
More advanced than other two parties.
The fee includes an aromatherapy product for each guest to take home that they personally made during the party
Guests will create their own aromatherapy blend to use as a massage blend, room spray or inhaler.
Guests will be guided through formulating their own blend, the application process, blending techniques and safety precautions.

Enhance your life with aromatherapy to balance your body, mind and spirit

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